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The Monthly Membership gives you all of the tools you need to MASTER all the material in Genki 1 & 2 giving you a HUGE head start in your Japanese Journey.

You also get access to the NEW Bi-Weekly Quartet 1 & 2 courses as they are released throughout 2021!

NEW: ToKini ガタり Podcast Transcripts

What you get:

    • ALL Textbook Practice Videos
    • ALL Vocabulary Videos
    • ALL Japanese Listening and Shadowing Videos
    • ALL NEW Bonus Sentence Grammar Videos
    • NEW Study By Individual Grammar Point Course
    • Ongoing IMMERSION Material Course
    • Access the EXCLUSIVE ToKini 家族 Community Forum!
  • Test your knowledge with TESTS for each lesson!
  • Slides from EVERY Grammar Stream
  • ToKini Saint exclusive Discord role
  • Resource Pages for Each lesson

Native pronunciation for most exercises, ALL vocabulary, and most Listening and Shadowing dialogues! 

Includes Access to: 

  • Genki 1 Course
  • Genki 2 Course
  • Quartet 1 and 2 Course
  • ToKini ガタり Podcast Transcripts!

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ToKini ガタり Podcast Transcripts ONLY

The podcast transcripts are included in the Monthly and Annual FULL memberships, but if you only want the transcripts, this is the tier for you!

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Over 2500 Japanese Learners have already utilized the ToKini Andy Genki Content

Premium ToKini Andy content began on Patreon, and over 2,000 people have already showed their support and used this material. Over 1800 members are actively supporting, as of January 2023!

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Lessons that are:

Easy to Access

Easy to Follow

Easy to Track

You won't have to worry about what to do next while using the Genki or Quartet textbooks with this simple and easy to follow course layout

Just move right down the lesson menu, and check sections off as you complete them.

You'll even be able to see your progress for each course from your My Courses page!

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Access the EXCLUSIVE ToKini 家族 Community Forum

Get support directly from ToKini Andy and Yuki, as well as all the other members of the community! You can also just wind down and discuss your favorite anime, or play a game of Shiritori if you want.

The community is available to ALL full members of the site.

Why are we transitioning off Patreon?

  • Patreon charges on the 1st of every month, REGARDLESS of when you joined.
    • It doesn't feel good to pay on the 24th, and pay again on the 1st. 
  • Patreon has VERY poor organization capabilities.
    • Seriously, It's too messy. We can't give you the EASY ACCESS you deserve to the massive amount of material we've created to make learning Japanese easier for you!
  • Patreon has VERY poor customer service.
    • Billing issues, website outages, broken features, and so much more. We've never had ANY satisfactory results from support tickets, and Patrons have poor luck there as well. 
For ALL of those reasons and more, we're moving the ToKini Andy Course material HERE on to a new platform that has: 
  • Monthly billing, AN ACTUAL MONTH after you first join.
  • Intuitive, WELL ORGANIZED, and EASY TO USE course layouts.
  • Excellent customer service!

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Help support ToKini Andy and Yuki, so that they can continue creating quality Japanese learning material to help you get even BETTER at Japanese. 

For your support you get access to TONS of high quality content that can help you move from beginner to Intermediate Japanese for the price of 2 coffees per month (1 for me, 1 for Yuki)!

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